We say a huge thank you to…

  • John Ross, a private person (a Scott living in Estonia) SILVER SPONSOR
  • OÜ Ranna-Villa http://www.highlandcattle.ee  (breeds Highland Cattle in Estonia) SILVER SPONSOR
    Ranna_Villa logo
  • The International Branch of the RSCDS – rscds-ib.org




  • Saka Manor (a wellness spa with Scottish roots) http://www.saka.ee/en/
  • Helensburgh Burns Club, Scotland (Burns Club 100 £ Sponsor)
  • Dumbarton Burns Club, Scotland (Burns Club 100 £ Sponsor)
  • Burns Club of London, England (Burns Club 100 £ Sponsor)
  • Dalry Burns Club, Scotland (Burns Club 100 £ Sponsor)
  • Eric Ferguson from Netherlands

A huge thank you also to ALL pledgers in Estonia (Hooandja) and abroad (Crowdfunder) in November 2016 and to those who are yet to join in.