As at 28th September 2017, the project has gathered a total of 5398 eur and the musicians have arranged and recorded most of the songs.

We are hoping to gather the rest of the 3955 eur by the end of the year to launch the CD in January 2018.

Why not do a good deed and promote songs of Robert Burns in Estonia? Reaching the target means that there will be these Burns songs in Estonian that the rest of the world has been singing for ages.

With a 100 £ donation you will be our Burns Club sponsor and we will invite you to the Burns Clubs Thank You Get Together in Tallinn in spring 2018 (Late February-early March?), maybe a bit later as getting funding for Burns CD has been a bit harder than we thought and we cant really celebrate before the CD is there, but it will be the time when it will suit all respective Burns Clubs.

All costs for getting to and attending the event will be payable by those who attend but we will arrange your stay here and you will be offered the best deals of the following: three nights accommodation near Tallinn Old Town (the center of town), a welcome get together dinner on Friday, various guided tours including a lunch on Saturday, dinner with a party on Saturday and various guided tours on Sunday.

Program is highly adjustable to clubs’ wishes. Your club may want to arrive earlier or leave later, and you get a good choice of guided tours, but the main idea is to get all Burns Clubs who have donated for the launch of the CD OF BURNS SONGS IN ESTONIAN together to a Thank-you-all dinner party on Saturday (with a few surprises from the CD-launch team) 🙂

We can then discuss details of your club regarding the Burns-Clubs-Thank-You-Get-Together.

The bank account nr of Eesti Shoti Kultuuriselts is IBAN EE502200221063918853