The Scottish Culture Society of Estonia set out in 2016 to launch a CD of Burns songs in Estonian with a talented singer Ilona Aasvere and Estonian top musicians (Tiit Kikas and Peeter Rebane etc) to promote Robert Burns and his works in Estonia. Demo HERE.

With professional musicians that will not only play the tunes but also arrange them, we are confident that it will be something of an extraordinary and catch a lot of attention here in Estonia.

The budget of this CD covers:
MUSICIANS (6 professional musicians)
STUDIO (recording, mixing, mastering)
PRODUCTION (disc manufacturing, Author’s Society fees)

As this is not a commercial project the funding needs to be mobilized from different sources through cooperation. Until today:
  • We have had a lottery in our Burns Supper (for wide public) in January 2016.
  • We have had a fundraiser in Estonia in November
  • We have had a UK fundraiser in November
  • The International Branch of the RSCDS  has donated £250

    We have four Burns Club Sponsors as of now:
  • Helensburgh Burns Club, Scotland
  • Dumbarton Burns Club, Scotland
  • Burns Club of London, England 
  •  Dalry Burns Club, Scotland

    We have two silver sponsors as of now:
  • John Ross, a private person (a Scott living in Estonia)
  • OÜ Ranna-Villa  (breeds Highland Cattle in Estonia)

    Aran Farming sends us strawberries that we will be selling, with income going 100% to support this CD.

    Until 29th of May 2017 the project has gathered total 5003 eur and the musicians have started with the CD.
     We are hoping to gather another 4000 eur by the autumn to launch the CD in January 2018.
If you would like to promote the Scottish Bard and chip in for the Burns CD in Estonian,
please see our Thank-You page for details. Together we can make it!

Eike Urke 
Scottish Culture Society of Estonia